Intro Bare Engine Blocks & Cylinder Head Cores | Engine Noise Diagnosis | Engine FAQ"s | Engine Installation | YOUR Engine Custom Rebuilt| Core Deposit and Warranty| Engine Shop Map|Engine Swaps & Performance Upgrades | Shipping  This rebuilt engine site is as fast as possible with rebuilt engine swaps, performance upgrades and general information above. Below are engine databases with longblock engine pricing and identification for ordering in one place for your car, inboard boat, truck, RV or motorhome and will load more slowly. Over 1400 different rebuilt engines are listed and we fill orders on over 90% of them. Usually shortblock rebuilt engines are $300 less with core deposits usually being 2/3 of a longblock rebuilt engine. Call for drop in, turn key crate engines and new engines too.

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On this remanufactured engine site, is the world's widest selection of remanufactured gas and diesel engines for cars, motorhomes, boats and industrial applications. From shortblocks and longblocks to running drop ins for engine swaps, whether foreign or domestic, this is the place to find it. If you want your engine remanufactured, we do that too and sometimes that is the way to go. We have an engine noise diagnosis page to assist in determining if you really need a remanufactured engine and another on how to ship engines worldwide.
Our American made engines are pumping water for gold miners North of the Arctic circle and have been disassembled and hauled by horse up a mountain in Bolivia to generate electricity. We have Jeep engines in taxicabs in Manila Philippines and an aluminum Cadillac Limo engine in Guam. Our big Cadillac engines are in airplane style swamp boats in Florida and in a finny "59" in Japan. We have marine engines just everywhere, especially Spain, France and Scandinavia. We supply kit car engines to Great Britain and Midway airport in Chicago has our 300 cid engines in the little trucks that pull the planes around. Mulchers and chippers and propane forklifts and ski boats. Snow cats and beer trucks and ice cream trucks too. Then there are the hot rods and 4X4's. Call us. We've probably got it or we will try to get it, that's for sure. 


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We ship to over 100 countries. Our rebuilt longblock engines come with 1 yr/unlimited mileage warranties standard.  A 3 yr/50000 mile non-commercial extended warranty is $190 on engines priced under $2000, $290 if over $2000.  There are no  tax/EPA charges except in Illinois. Add the 3 figures in the table rows to get the up-front payment amount. Core refunds are sent by check after we receive your core back. Cores should be sent back within 30 days after receiving fresh engine. Cut round trip shipping in half if buying an engine outright. Most engines are available with $200 HO performance packages. Engines are machined and assembled in The United States of America


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